Adventures in Ordinary Salutation

Apparently there comes a time in this life and in the history of human development and interaction when basic salutations take on a value similar to pork bellies, soy beans or light sweet crude on the world markets. Now is that time and London is the place to learn how to fold on hellos and raise … Continue reading

We Heah Now

  When I packed my modern day dulcemina (or suitcases to the uninitiated) I became one in a long, limitless line that stretches back across centuries. I became an immigrant. That immigrants founded the United States, points east, west, north and my own Caribbean states cannot be doubted. And I will save for more esoteric moments the … Continue reading

That Spring/Summer/Winter Feeling

There is an old joke told in these parts and it goes something like this. Old Timer: “Ahh, I remember the summer of ’71. It was a Saturday” Feel free to substitute any year. In the dying Indian glory of the Summer of 2011, the living is easy. I have enjoyed my third summer in these United … Continue reading