For the Walters Family: Fifteen Years Away From Ordinary

The morning of June 30, 1998 was an ordinary one. We woke up; two uncles, my father and I. He made porridge. We ate. Laughed as we did each morning about the Richter shattering capacity of one uncle’s snores. They left to different destinations and I headed into the office. The office was only 25 … Continue reading

Becoming Auntie Mame

Auntie Mame 5.0

Today I left the office early. I slid into my camel-coloured coat, got my knitted cream cap on and topped myself off with a autumnal toned scarf, all orange and chocolate swirls with the lightest skeins of gold threading. The boots, chocolate calf length completed the ensemble. Ordinarily I don’t carry on about what I … Continue reading

True North

Love it as I do and as proudly as I declare to anyone with ears to hear that “I emigrated to London, not England” there are moments. Moments when the pace of this town seems set to hurtle over then grind you into pieces like stampeding but hiply dressed wilderbeeste. Moments when the no one-knows-you … Continue reading

Shacking Up With Mom

My mother is coming to visit. Even as I write this she is winging her way across a sea and an ocean. Visit makes it sound as if she is passing a fortnight, when in truth it is really that plus three other fortnights of variable length. That is our shared hope anyway. So based … Continue reading