Mad Softly

Back home they used to say “People from England Mad” Mad like wearing sweaters in the heat And let’s face it, the shoes The shoes they wore on their feet Were just weird?   Back home they said “Mary Jane was mad” Mad like having another one again One after the other Like a runaway … Continue reading

I Will Take 10

Cousin Adan will soon be ten. According to the law of family mathematics because you are my mother’s cousin’s son this would make you my third cousin or is that first cousin, twice-removed? And according to other ordinary laws you are too young to be my friend. But neither of us are ordinary and we are friends. And … Continue reading

Sketches of Spain: A Mujer Libre

Shaking the Sun Out-side

It is all well and good to drop in on these amazing centres of art and culture. There is no discounting the value of the museums and galleries but that will give you the truest sense of what the people were, not what  and who they are. So after my Saturday questions on Easter Sunday I … Continue reading

New York Chronicles: Getting a little LOVE on the side

So I had enough time to squeeze in a side trip to Philadelphia. With my luck I fully expected to bump into the current Queen of Philly Soul. But no, Jill Scott was not at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Shops at Liberty Place or the Sunoco minimart. I can tell you who I did … Continue reading