Local Flavour

There is no downside to having a local and by now you know my version of Cheers is the Park House Cafe in Clapham. I waxed on about it in We Heah Now earlier this year. Now I understand why Cliffie and Norm bellied up to the bar and settled onto their favourite stools as … Continue reading

Killing Them Off Broadway

And I mean way off, in the city of Durham or Up North to be precise. Three and a half hours by train leaving Platform 4 at King’s Cross and just bottomside Scotland. Seriously, three more stops would have had me in Edinburgh. Instead Durham it was. And seriously it is now clear to me … Continue reading

People Make My World Go ‘Round

I could think of ten songs in ten seconds that use the word people in it. Begging them to get ready for the coming train, extolling their capacity to make the world go round or being, because even every day types are just people every day, at least that’s what Speech said. And this isn’t because … Continue reading

We Want to See The King

There are times in your life when you get the strongest sense that you are on a collision course. I thought it was the age of 40. I was wrong. The obstacle which I could not see but crashed into sustaining near fatal wounds was the Consulate General of the Royal Kingdom of Maroc.Let me … Continue reading

The Papers Chase

Well there you have it. Without paying really close attention three years have been lived. Though as you know living takes work. It is a skeleton and you put meat or if you are a vegan, plant based material on its bones. And one likes to think there is an end game to all this. … Continue reading

True North

Love it as I do and as proudly as I declare to anyone with ears to hear that “I emigrated to London, not England” there are moments. Moments when the pace of this town seems set to hurtle over then grind you into pieces like stampeding but hiply dressed wilderbeeste. Moments when the no one-knows-you … Continue reading

As You Do

It is always the little things isn’t it? There is no doubt of the pleasure in the big ticket items; the travel, shows, gorging in restaurants in cities across Europe but the machine ticking below the Emerald glory is relentless. Some time in the afternoon on Monday I realised my Blackberry was neither loading nor sending instant … Continue reading

Home And Away

Last night I went home. Without the extortionate price of a British Airways or Virgin ticket. Without the torture of losing nine more hours of my life that I can’t get back. All I needed was a friend with another friend because reggae’s past and present were overlapping with its future bringing Beres Hammond and Tarrus Riley to … Continue reading

Using Books for Kindling

I know it might be similar to some late 70’s stenographer saying I prefer the smell of ink, ribbon and the clack and jingle of the typewriter’s keys to the smooth efficiency of a computor. I am not Canute desperately commanding the sea to retreat, I know you can’t put genies back in their bottles and though contrary evidence … Continue reading

Adventures in Ordinary Salutation

Apparently there comes a time in this life and in the history of human development and interaction when basic salutations take on a value similar to pork bellies, soy beans or light sweet crude on the world markets. Now is that time and London is the place to learn how to fold on hellos and raise … Continue reading