For the Walters Family: Fifteen Years Away From Ordinary

The morning of June 30, 1998 was an ordinary one. We woke up; two uncles, my father and I. He made porridge. We ate. Laughed as we did each morning about the Richter shattering capacity of one uncle’s snores. They left to different destinations and I headed into the office. The office was only 25 … Continue reading

Taking A Walk

A short text asks the question “Do you remember…?” I don’t want to remember him, even though I do. I see his face, a face from university days. A friend of my then boyfriend, his manner introduced me to the word louche before I even knew what it meant. World-weary, cigarette hanging from lip, word … Continue reading

Missing A Foot

Our family is big, huge. So big in fact that if you wish you can choose an entire line. You could declare that line your family, restrict it but still have enough blood left over to people a tiny village. In fact my mother’s line already is a tiny village. Porter’s Mountain in rural Westmoreland, Jamaica. And Porter’s … Continue reading

Home And Away

Last night I went home. Without the extortionate price of a British Airways or Virgin ticket. Without the torture of losing nine more hours of my life that I can’t get back. All I needed was a friend with another friend because reggae’s past and present were overlapping with its future bringing Beres Hammond and Tarrus Riley to … Continue reading