Let Me Show You The Way To Van Gogh

Sometimes I forget the joy of a new experience. Almost ten years on from my first sighting of the Louvre which had me in tears I am a bit jaded. Not because I have seen all there is to see in the world but because I now know that it is possible for me to … Continue reading

Paris: The B Side

I never tire of this city. Each time is like the first time. Every time the train pulls into Gare du Nord, I feel my stomach do light flip flops in echoes of the heavier ones they did eight years ago when I got off that Eurolines bus from Leuven. And each time I drop … Continue reading

Emoting in R & B

There is a song for every thought, every sentiment, every feeling. Of this I am absolutely convinced. I am not unique in that view. So is my friend Philip and so we found last night is Colman Domingo. Who is Colman Domingo you ask? Only a one man tour-de-force that swept North London up in … Continue reading

For the Walters Family: Fifteen Years Away From Ordinary

The morning of June 30, 1998 was an ordinary one. We woke up; two uncles, my father and I. He made porridge. We ate. Laughed as we did each morning about the Richter shattering capacity of one uncle’s snores. They left to different destinations and I headed into the office. The office was only 25 … Continue reading

Will Your Life Be A Light?

Will it summon the living to celebrate its beauty with laughter, tears and gladness? Will it warm the heart forever? Will it tell the world that life is beautiful? Will it summon other lights and teach us to make ours burn brighter? Will it remind us there is no yesterday or tomorrow, only now and … Continue reading

Missing A Foot

Our family is big, huge. So big in fact that if you wish you can choose an entire line. You could declare that line your family, restrict it but still have enough blood left over to people a tiny village. In fact my mother’s line already is a tiny village. Porter’s Mountain in rural Westmoreland, Jamaica. And Porter’s … Continue reading

Make Mine Sharkleberry Fin

Sharkleberry Fin, just so you know used to be my favourite Kool Aid flavour. I drank it by the gallon, crushed over ice for the entirety of my two years in Barbados, okay since we are setting up for full confession mode I also was known to lace it with dark rum and limes for … Continue reading

Becoming Auntie Mame

Auntie Mame 5.0

Today I left the office early. I slid into my camel-coloured coat, got my knitted cream cap on and topped myself off with a autumnal toned scarf, all orange and chocolate swirls with the lightest skeins of gold threading. The boots, chocolate calf length completed the ensemble. Ordinarily I don’t carry on about what I … Continue reading

New York Chronicles : Day Seven Chasing Joy

Seven days into this still new year finds me two days away from my return to London and resolved to do with today what I failed to do with yesterday. Yesterday I hunted joy in retail and from 1st to 5th Avenue she proved elusive. I found despair, really floor manager at Zara do not ask me … Continue reading

New York Chronicles: Getting a little LOVE on the side

So I had enough time to squeeze in a side trip to Philadelphia. With my luck I fully expected to bump into the current Queen of Philly Soul. But no, Jill Scott was not at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Shops at Liberty Place or the Sunoco minimart. I can tell you who I did … Continue reading