The Papers Chase

Well there you have it. Without paying really close attention three years have been lived. Though as you know living takes work. It is a skeleton and you put meat or if you are a vegan, plant based material on its bones. And one likes to think there is an end game to all this. … Continue reading

Using Books for Kindling

I know it might be similar to some late 70’s stenographer saying I prefer the smell of ink, ribbon and the clack and jingle of the typewriter’s keys to the smooth efficiency of a computor. I am not Canute desperately commanding the sea to retreat, I know you can’t put genies back in their bottles and though contrary evidence … Continue reading

That Spring/Summer/Winter Feeling

There is an old joke told in these parts and it goes something like this. Old Timer: “Ahh, I remember the summer of ’71. It was a Saturday” Feel free to substitute any year. In the dying Indian glory of the Summer of 2011, the living is easy. I have enjoyed my third summer in these United … Continue reading