Sketches of Spain: My Money Is On The Bull

Atavism versus Avatar

In my last blog I mentioned that I bought tickets to see the bullfights, complete with Hamletlike equivocation. While writing that post I thought I could have included the bull on my ramblings about being outside but no, the bull-he stands alone. Besides by now you might have realised that everything has a backstory with me. I … Continue reading

Sketches of Spain: A Good Friday in Madrid

Being Right Here, Right Now

Almost twenty four hours on and it feels I have already been here twenty four years. From getting the underground from the airport because the hotel’s website said all I had to do was get to Metro stop Piramides and a slight walk bearing right would get me there to the bus driver taking a five … Continue reading

Local Flavour

There is no downside to having a local and by now you know my version of Cheers is the Park House Cafe in Clapham. I waxed on about it in We Heah Now earlier this year. Now I understand why Cliffie and Norm bellied up to the bar and settled onto their favourite stools as … Continue reading

We Want to See The King

There are times in your life when you get the strongest sense that you are on a collision course. I thought it was the age of 40. I was wrong. The obstacle which I could not see but crashed into sustaining near fatal wounds was the Consulate General of the Royal Kingdom of Maroc.Let me … Continue reading

The Papers Chase

Well there you have it. Without paying really close attention three years have been lived. Though as you know living takes work. It is a skeleton and you put meat or if you are a vegan, plant based material on its bones. And one likes to think there is an end game to all this. … Continue reading